How Can You Incorporate Dry-Cabinets To Your Daily Lifestyle?
Products Recommendation | 16 OCT 2018

In our previous article, we had discussed the importance of dry-cabinets in regards to protecting your beloved photography gears from moisture, humidity and fungus infection. However, do you know that there are other ways which you could incorporate dry-cabinet to your lifestyle?

1. Musical Instruments

Having a range of musical instruments at home (Guitar, Violin, Ukulele, etc.)? You might want to take a look here!
Musical instruments such as the guitar would require the ideal humidity range of 45% to 55% relative humidity. As the wooden surface of instruments such as guitars and violins would absorb water from the surroundings and consequently stretch and shrink. Thus, using the dry-cabinets would protect your wooden instruments from moisture, humidity and lowering the chances of fungus infection due to the tropical climate of Singapore.

Product recommendation: HQ-248 Or HQ-128 (Indent Order Only)

2. Precision & Laboratory Equipment

In the event where precision and laboratory equipment are being dealt with, moisture can happen and may pose considerable risks, moisture poses considerable risks. Bacteria, fungus, mildew and other moisture-caused effects like corrosion increase rapidly in high humidity levels. Therefore, it is essential for engineers to protect their laboratory equipment using the dry-cabinets.

Product recommendation: Digi-Cabi DHC – 1200

3. Important Classified Paper Documents and Valuable Art Pieces

Having a stack of important classified paper documents or valuable art pieces? Using a dry-cabinet would be able to help in keeping your valuables moisture free and protecting them from infection of fungus, molds and decay. Thus, further lengthening the lifespan of your paper documents or art pieces.

Product recommendation: Digi-Cabi AD-080II or DHC-350

4. Leather Products

With high humidity from the tropical climate of Singapore, our beloved leather bags poses a mildew risk as leather tends holds moisture and persistent moisture would encourage mold (mildew) growth on the surface of your leather bags. Therefore, if you would want to avoid mildew growth on your precious leather bags, leather jackets or other leather accessories, you must take proactive measures to keep the material clean and dry.

As mildew would not only cause fungus growth on your precious leather goods, it would deteriorate, discolour, stained or even cause your leather products to have a bad odour. The above would further cause your leather collection to lose its value.

Therefore, it is important for individuals to invest in a dry cabinet to remove extensive moisture and use it as a preventive measure for the growth of mildew on your leather goods.

Product recommendation: Digi-Cabi DHC-400