The Importance Of Using A Dry Cabinet For Your Photography Gear
Photography | 1 OCT 2018

Facing troubles in regards to your photography equipment on dealing with the humid climate of Singapore? Getting moulds, condensation (Water droplets formed within the lens or camera) and dust on the exterior of your photography equipment? A dry cabinet would be able to resolve that issue!

A dry cabinet is optimally an enclosure that keeps the contents stored within from excessive moisture in the external environment. Dry cabinets are used when there is a need for any equipment, appliances or objects to be stored with low atmospheric humidity. Moisture can be very damaging to specific instruments, specifically to digital cameras and lenses. As moisture can further undermine the internal performance of electronic components and cause malfunctions. The above information had further strengthened the need to store your equipment in a low moisture environment.

Thus, let’s look at the crucial reasons why most professional photographers and photography enthusiasts are equipping themselves with a dry cabinet.

Importance of Using a Dry Cabinet

There is one word which would answer the question “Why do most professional photographers and photography enthusiasts need a dry cabinet for their camera?”. The word is “fungus”.

The fungus would be any photographer’s worst enemy. The fungus is not only difficult to clean or remove, but it can also further damage the camera and your expensive camera lenses.

Moreover, the fungus often gets in between the lens and on your lens’ glass. Such incidents generally occur when the user stored their camera without proper protection and exposed to the humid environments where fungus thrives. Once fungus grows, it will spread rapidly and may infect other equipment that is placed at the same location or container.

Individuals who had encountered the infection of fungus on their camera lens had often tried to ‘force-clean’ it off. However, the above method would damage the camera lens special coating.

Photographers who do not have dry cabinets often place their cameras and photography tools in cupboards and drawers. These dark and humid spaces are areas which fungus thrive. Furthermore, photographers who often faced such problems generally live in countries where tropical climate and high humidity exist all year round.

Nonetheless, dry cabinets are the absolute essentials for any photographer or photography enthusiasts to equip themselves with. Ensuring your pieces of equipment stored are dust-proof, waterproof with humidity regulated to make certain that the enclosure is low in moisture.


  • For optical products, it is not advisable to store them in a storage or dry cabinet with condition settings that are too dry as this will cause the rubber seals on the products to crack.
  • Any levels below 30% humidity are considered too dry. Thus, it is not advisable to store your lenses for a long period of time.
  • The cleaning and treatment for fungus infection on your camera equipment are often expensive and may not be effective in removing it fully. Thus, creating downtime for the camera users.

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